Valorant Wins Trailer Dedicated to Brazil With Raze


Valorant was released about a year ago, so it was to be expected that Riot Games would take several actions to celebrate the occasion. One of these, for example, comes courtesy of the company’s Brazilian team, which decided to offer an extra highlight for Raze in the video you can see in this news.

The video in question was titled “A cor da cidade”, and even brings the song by Daniela Mercury that has the same name. By the way, this association is very valid, considering that both the singer and the character are from Bahia.

See the recording in question (which was entirely made with CGI scenes) below:

Did you like Riot Games’ homage to the Tupiniquim character? It’s worth remembering that, after the credits, we apparently have a teaser of the next Agent to arrive in the game, which is known as Grenadier.