Valorant: see what to expect from Riot Games’ ranked FPS


Valorant Beta arrives in Brazil in May; final game due to launch in winter 2020 for PCs.

Valorant is the new FPS from Riot Games . Scheduled for official launch in winter 2020 for free download on PC , the game is already in open beta in the United States, Canada, Europe, Turkey and Russia. The testing period in Brazil is scheduled to start on May 5th . The game, which is a promise in esports, will have a ranked mode with seasons and patents. See, then, the information already disclosed and expectations about RANKED of Valorant.

The Somag News, which tested the first demo of Valorant , talked to game developers. In an interview , the team revealed that the FPS will follow in the footsteps of the “big brother” League of Legends (LoL) , evade the “pay to win” logic and will have its own anti-cheat since its launch. Everything to keep the game fair and competitive.

“Valorant is definitely going to become a sport. The reason I believe this is that we have a lot of plans for this competitive future and we are working on it,” said executive producer Anna Donlon, speaking of the competitive potential of the game. She also highlighted that Valorant is fun to watch, another important factor for the success of a game that wants to join esports.

The ranked mode, in turn, was confirmed on April 10. In response to a player on Twitter , Riot games director Joseph Ziegler said that Valorant’s ranks will arrive “in a few weeks”, but without disclosing a specific date.

Seasons and links
Riot has not yet confirmed what the seasons will be, ranked and patents for the game. But, considering the LoL system, Valorant is expected to adopt annual seasons, with a pre-season in December and January, and the season divided into three splits, each lasting three months. According to the Dexerto portal, the ranking will have eight patents: Mercenary, Soldier, Veteran, Hero, Legend, Mythic, Immortal and Valorant. Each rank will have three divisions (Mercenary I, II and III, for example), with Valorant being the highest link which.

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Points, promotion and demotion
With LoL as a parameter, League Points are won or lost by winning or losing a game. The higher the Matchmaking Rating (MMR), the more LP a player earns. Upon reaching 100 LP in a division, the player automatically enters the promotion series. If he wins two of three matches (MD3), he moves up to the next division.

When a player is at the top of the division, the MD3 series becomes a best of five (MD5). If he wins, he moves up to the next link (from Mercenary I to Soldier III, for example), repeating the process in the rest of the ranking. If the user reaches zero LP and loses a game, he will be relegated to the previous link or division. In this case, your LP count will start at 75 on the “new” link / division.

Row solo, doubles and flex
The expectation is that Valorant will have solo, double and flex rows in the ranked. In solo / doubles, players enter matches alone or with a friend. In this case, the divisions and links will be separated from the flex queue. The flex queue, in turn, will allow players to be paired with groups of any size, except four. This option is likely to have different rewards, and is generally seen as a smaller version of the solo queue.


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