Valorant: Riot is Planning To Expand The Game’s Story


Valorant: In a question and answer session held on Reddit, David Nottingham and Joe Killeen, creative director and screenwriter of Valorant, respectively, talked a little more about the future of the game, especially with regard to already having a plan to expand the details of the game’s history.

“We already have a lot of this lore mapped out, including major conflicts, techniques, extra lines for the plot and where this whole arc will go, as well as the Agents background. We will definitely reveal more and more as time goes on, we’re just getting started,” replied Nottingham.

Another detail revealed is the fact that the development team hopes to be able to expand the game universe to other media in the future (“at the moment we are focused on the game”, commented the director), as well as the fact that we probably have the same number of cinematics appearing in the game in the coming months because of the work that is needed to generate each of them.

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