Valorant Requires TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot To Run on Windows 11


Valorant: Last Friday (3), the Twitter profile specializing in new features against cheating in games @AntiCheatPD revealed that Valorant has started to require Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM 2.0) and secure boot to run on Windows 11 computers.

This means that the game will exclude those who do not meet the minimum requirements of the new operating system and who installed the OS through ISOs or other alternative means. Riot has not yet commented on this initiative, so consider the permanence of the update cautiously.

Through this requirement, hackers would have a harder time overcoming bans on hardware IDs (HWID), as TPM 2.0 increases the resistance against tampering. However, the change is not yet applied on Windows 10 and 7 users, so the cheater may simply not update the OS.

Microsoft said in August that it will limit updates to Windows 11 on incompatible systems. This implies the unavailability of security patches and even drives via Windows Update, which can leave the computer vulnerable and may have prompted the new minimum requirements in the game’s Vanguard Anti-Cheat software.

Windows 11 will officially launch on October 5th with a phased rollout, which should arrive on all supported PCs in 2022. Currently, interested users can download the beta version of the operating system.

In addition to having already reinforced the importance of the requirements, Microsoft announced last month that “old” PCs will be removed from the Insider Program and will have to reinstall the previous OS after the availability of Windows 11.


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