Valorant: Patch 4.03 Improves Deathmatch and Balances Brimstone


Valorant: Riot Games released today (10) patch notes for version 4.03 of Valorant, its popular free to play competitive shooter, which includes performance improvements of up to 15% in FPS on CPUs, character rebalances, and major improvements. in the playoffs, with the right to a lighter spawn that should increase the pace of matches.

The reworked agent of the time was Brimstone, which now when firing his Ultimate can block gameplay visibility while active, so you will no longer be able to see enemies on the minimap until the skill’s duration runs out. By the way, abilities that require a line of sight, like Sova’s recon pulses, no longer apply to Ultimate.

The Deathmatch mode has received major updates, and now it will no longer happen that you accidentally spawn in dangerous locations, an old constant complaint from the community. Instead, the game’s intelligence has been reworked to ensure you don’t get caught in the back, born far from where you died. Finally, the respawn time halved, changing from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

Other small improvements were also applied to the general bug fix, highlighting the improvement in the detection system of AFK players who abused the system to farm XP, and a better general performance optimization that should greatly increase the performance of machines with average performance.

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