Valorant Patch 3.0; KAY / O, Changes And News In Agents


Valorant: We detail the notes of Valorant 3.0 patch, an update marked by the arrival of KAY / O, a new agent, in addition to other adjustments. The long-awaited new Valorant update is here and with it we can welcome KAY / O, a new agent who lands in the Riot Games shooter. This ensures that they keep the title updated and all their agents and weapons balanced. We tell you, in detail, what are the changes that will be applied in Valorant with the arrival of this new patch, available to install during the early hours of this Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

Changes in Agents of Valorant

Nova Pulse (Q)

Cooldown time increased: 12 >>> 25s.
Gravitational well (C)

Cooldown time increased: 12 >>> 25s.
Stars / Astral Form (X)

Stars are now inactive when placed during the purchase phase.
When the barrier falls, the stars charge for 1.4 seconds before activating and being usable.
In attack, Astra can now see the location of the Spike in astral form.
This representation will not have an animation, so it will not provide additional information on the status of the Spike.
Increase the cooldown to collect stars: 8 >>> 15 sec.
The charges received from the key skill are reduced: 2 >>> 1.
The cost of the stars has been reduced: 200 >>> 150.
Blinding Blast (Q)

The number of total charges is reduced: 3 >>> 2.
Cost increased: 200 >>> 250.
Projectile speed reduced: 2500 >>> 2000.
Failure (E)

Full charge time is reduced: 1.5 >>> 1 s.
Increase width: 600 >>> 750.
Signaling load time is reduced: 1.3 >>> 1 s.
Shock duration increased: 3 >>> 3.5 seconds.
The saving time after use is reduced: 1 >>> 0.7 s.
Cooldown time increased: 35 >>> 40.
Replica (C)

Now explodes 3 times, each dealing 60 damage with no distance reduction. 0.6 s pass between each explosion.
Increase the radius of the explosion: 260 >>> 300.
Save time after use is reduced: 1.1 >>> 0.9 s.
Cost increased: 100 >>> 200.
Unstoppable Frag (X)

Increase the width of all explosions to 2300 units, which was the previous width of the last explosion.
Valorant Weapon Changes


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