Valorant | Patch 1.05 Notes: Act 2, Killjoy, Deathmatch


Start Act 2 of Valorant with its patch 1.05 that includes a new agent, Killjoy; a new game mode, Deathmatch; and a new battle pass.

Valorant adds and continues. The new Riot Games shooter has just been updated with patch 1.05, which in addition to the usual adjustments and corrections, this time also incorporates weight news. On the one hand, the patch marks the premiere of Killjoy, the new character in the game, of whom a few days ago we rehearsed all his abilities here. She is an inventor with an above average ingenuity who has created for herself an entire army of killer robots. And she doesn’t come alone. With it they land a new battle pass (with more ultraskills) and a new game mode called deathmatch, a luck of all against all for a maximum of 10 people. In addition, this patch marks the beginning of Act 2 of its competitive season, with which comes a new ranking system. Without further delay, we leave you the complete list of changes and news in Valorant with update 1.05.

Agent Updates


  • The new game agent lands with her round glasses and a complete arsenal of killer robots. A new contract has been added to unlock it and earn its associated rewards.


  • Changes in the Cierratelones. Given its lethality, the team has increased equipping time (from 1.1 seconds to 1.4), fast equipping time (from 0.5 seconds to 0.7), and has reduced the visual effects of both casting the rocket as from its wake. It is now easier to detect Raze when he shoots and there is more time to react when he shouts “Ojo, que va!”, Which translates into a greater facility to knock her down when making risky plays.
  • The same goes for Explosive Bundle, which has had its damage reduced from 75 to 50 and now maintains its damage against objects at 600. It seeks to reduce the effectiveness of this ability, which eliminated enemies in heavy armor too easily. Its usefulness now lies in removing obstacles and enemy devices.


  • Act ranges have been added to the game; Take a look at the full article to find out more.
    Version 1.05 marks the end of Act I’s competitive experience and the beginning of Act II’s.
  • If you managed to achieve a rank in Act I, you only have to play 3 more games to get a rank in Act II. New players will still have to complete 5 positioning games so that we can more accurately determine their prowess.
  • You should expect a moderate starting rank to come out, about 2 ranks below Act I rank, to make sure you are at that skill level or higher in Act II. Performance will have a bigger impact in the first few games, so you can quickly rank up if you play well and win.
  • Now, during competitive matchmaking, solo or solo / duo queuing players will be more likely to be paired with predesigned groups of similar size at the cost of a slight increase in queuing times.
  • Regardless of the size of the predesigned group, the games are very balanced (50% wins for each team). However, there is often a large skill discrepancy between best and worst player in games with predesigned groups of many players. This change should serve to reduce the probability of a solo player entering matches with high level disparity.
  • Rank indicators when losing a game have been changed to better reflect rank variation. Now you can see the following:
  • Range is slightly reduced (1 down arrow).
  • Range is reduced (2 down arrows).
  • Range is greatly reduced (3 down arrows).
  • Until now, very little information was shown regarding the decrease in rank when losing, with the intention of mitigating the already painful experience. However, this has led to an issue where players who lost a tough game (decisive loss and poor individual performance) and then won multiple games in a row did not advance in rank. This should serve to partially solve the problem, as it provides more transparency in losses and allows to know the amount of lost range.
  • We are also considering options to improve transparency around range changes in future releases.
  • Game history now shows the starting rank you started a game with and the range you ended up with.
  • Now you can see the path tab of your friends through the context menu of the social panel. This implies that you can see the rank, the rank of act and the history of games of your friends.
  • Now you can see how wonderfully well your friends have fared in their qualifying games … or comfort them if they have had some difficult games.
  • Now custom games perm. Go to the leader to select the location of the target game capsule and see the players ping it.
  • In custom games where players access it, we wanted to give the leader more ability to respond to the latency that players will have. We hope that custom game leaders will choose the best options for all players, but if not, you can always quit without penalty.
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