Valorant New Map, Promotional Video for Breeze Was Published


Valorant: A promotional video in was released for Breeze, the new map of Valorant, one of the most popular FPS games in the world. Shared as Arrival to Breeze, the video takes players on an adventure in the Caribbean.

Are you ready for a new challenge on the Caribbean islands? In Valorant, which is among the most popular FPS games in the world, the big adventure continues without slowing down. The new map managed to excite the players in the game, which Riot Games has developed more and more every day.

On the map where we will enter the country of the Valorant agent Skye, we see that there is a lot of hiding space and open land. Talents have also become very valuable in Breeze, where we will have a lot of fun about AWP. As a matter of fact, a sniper map was absolutely necessary for Valorant for a long time to really bounce off the competition. Breeze seems to meet this need of the players to a large extent.

You have to be faster and more agile

With the Breeze map, players now need to be faster. As many players said after the video was released, “the ambushers will feast”. Wherever you look from it, a correct point of view, as well as every shot you miss in Valorant can open a new screen that will haunt you from the game. Because Valorant has such fast mechanics, you may be suffering from the problem of adaptation to the game most of the time, but Breeze will solve this problem from the root.

A few criticisms of the new map also came due to the map design. Some have likened Breeze to the famous Cobblestone map of CS. The biggest misfortune of Valorant is now, no matter what they do, there will always be those who say “Either this was in CS: GO”. Finally, if you like to use sniper rifles in Valorant, we can say that Breeze will be very fun for you.


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