Valorant: learn how to choose the best character


Launched on June 2, 2020 by Riot Games, Valorant quickly became a hit with players around the world. Being a “Tactical First Person Shooting Game” (Tactical FPS, in the original term in English), the work is inspired by established titles such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, but adds strategic elements original characters with the unique abilities of each character – called Agents.

In this sense, the game currently has 15 characters separated into 4 main functions: Initiators, Controllers, Sentinels and Duelists. Each group has certain responsibilities during the matches and, therefore, it is important to know its impact to choose the appropriate type for each player. Check out some tips below to dominate the matches:

Initiating Agents

Valorant’s Initiating agents are experts in challenging the defense of opponents, creating opportunities for allies to better position themselves in the attacked area. For this reason, it is recommended that they take the first actions during the rounds, using their skills to put enemies at a disadvantage while waiting for the support of the allies – continuing the combat.

In this class, there is a certain predominance of tactical skills, aimed at disarming actions, such as: blinding enemies, ensuring recognition of the area or causing a little damage in order to expel the opposing team from possible vantage points. Its main advantage is the possibility of executing these strategies without necessarily having to enter the line of fire. There are currently three Initiating agents in Valorant: Sova, Skye and Breach.

This is due to the shape of the class’s abilities, such as the Drone Owl Drone or Skye’s Explosive Predator, which allows you to obtain information from the area defended by enemies remotely – with the added possibility of causing tactical disadvantages such as stun or temporary blindness, similarly stunning grenades from CS: GO.

Sentinel Agents

Defense experts, Sentinel Agents are able to protect and monitor large areas of maps in order to ensure security for the completion of objectives. With few locomotion skills, it is recommended that they position themselves cautiously during combat, working from the rear to avoid enemy flanks. Currently, the class has three characters, namely: Cypher, Sage and Killjoy.

The Sentinel class has unique abilities that can be the differential for a victory, promoting different styles of play. For example, Sage’s Resurrection can bring an ally back into combat, while Killjoy’s Confinement can paralyze enemies within a large area if they remain in it. Cypher, in turn, is able to reveal the position of all opponents on the map with Neural Assault.

However, the Sentinels’ biggest advantage is also their biggest weakness. For Killjoy and Cypher, the protection and monitoring skills, capable of guaranteeing a great advantage during the rounds, are disabled if they die. Although it seems obvious, this change was recently added and had a major impact on the characters’ shopping savings, requiring even more strategy during matches.

For Sage, the wrong positioning of a Barrier Orb can compromise an entire round for the allied team. The same is true for the Resurrection of a teammate in a position compromised by the enemy, resulting in an unnecessary “second death”. Therefore, Sentinels have great abilities, which also carry great responsibilities.


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