Valorant: Leak Reveals A Possible New Agent And Skins


Valorant: Since its official release in June 2020, Valorant has always ended up having some of its content leaked early, which included maps, characters and skins in the past. This time, a leak indicates the likely new agent an unreleased skin pack.

The rumors come from a Twitter user known as Mike, who always posts these Valorant news well before the official announcement. This time, he commented on his account that the possible codename for the next agent in the game is “Sprinter”, but didn’t say anything about his appearance or abilities.

The skin pack that should hit the game’s internal store soon is Magepunk 2.0, which would follow the style of the original pack that was made available in Valorant in April this year. The difference would be in the weapons selected, which also happened with other popular packs, such as Glitchpop.

It’s not yet known exactly which new weapons would be in Magepunk’s second wave, but Mike says at least the Operator will be there. Other than that, one would imagine that there is a new design for the knife, which is always included in skin packs.


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