Valorant FPS Boost, Drop and Freeze Problem* Solution 2021


Valorant is a new fps game in the online category among computer games. We have seen great transitions to this game even from CS: GO players so far. However, even if the Valorant system requirements are in a way that a moderate computer can easily handle, you may experience fps drop problems or fps freezing problems in places.

For this situation, whose main reason is the Valorant FPS problem, how is Valorant FPS increase done? There are many ways to do this in-game or by computer. We will explain these ways for you under the title Valorant FPS Boost 2021.

Increasing FPS with Valorant Settings

As with many games, if your computer is having trouble uninstalling the game and you have a problem with Valorant, we need to take a look at the settings first. In fact, the best way to increase Valorant FPS is to reduce the quality of graphics and image values. However, if you have a moderate system, you do not need to lower all of these settings.

We will tell you the important steps in order to increase the FPS. First of all, we log in to Valorant. We go to the settings at the top right and there we go to the Image> Graphics Quality settings.

  • Let’s set the anti-aliases to “None”.
  • Let’s turn the Anodized Filtering feature into x1.
  • If Valorant is too tight, you can lower the resolution, but don’t lower the resolution just to increase the FPS.
  • After making these settings, you can reduce the graphic quality by controlling your FPS. If you set the other graphics quality settings to the lowest or off, you will get maximum performance in FPS.

If it is to increase FPS with another Valorant setting, it is important for those who have a drop problem. This time we go to Image> General settings.

If you do not have a good player system, turn the Always restrict FPS option to “On” from this screen. Fix the FPS value to 60 FPS.

If your system is low, you may experience a Valorant FPS drop problem when you do not fix it. At 60 Fps, it will be sufficient in terms of game performance, if you want to get high fps, you can keep it “Off”.

Valorant FPS Boost with Computer Settings

We will offer you many ways as computer setting. Each road will have the possibility to increase an FPS in its own age. Let’s start with the first way.

Graphics Card Settings

Point to the desktop and right-click on an empty area to open the NVIDIA control panel. In the left tab, enter the 3D settings to preset option. Click on “Pay attention to my preference” from the options below and you can drag the counter below to the far left performance section for maximum performance.

However, after this choice, you will compromise your image quality. If it will be enough, by bringing this counter to balance, you will give priority to both Valorant FPS increase and image quality.

Prioritizing Valorant

  • With Valorant open on the computer, start the task manager
  • Find and right click Valorant from the task manager and click go to details.
  • Right-click on Valorant again from the window you are directed to, this time we go to the “Set Affinity” option.
  • If “Cpu 0” is selected in the window that opens, let’s uncheck it.
  • Turning off the CPU 0 will ensure that this program has a higher priority than other programs.
  • In this way, Valorant FPS will eliminate the problem of contraction and freezing and will provide an FPS increase of at least 20%.

Valorant Compatibility Setting

  • First, we need to go to the game’s file and find the .exe file of the game.
  • You can access this file with a file extension such as Riot Games \ VALORANT \ live \ Shooter Game \ Binaries \ Win64, or you can right-click the desktop shortcut to show the file folder.
  • Right click on the Valorant game icon and open the properties.
  • In this window, we enter the compatibility tab.
  • In this tab, you can choose your own operating system.
  • We open the “Disable Full Screen Enhancements” option below and we say ok.

Close Background Running Applications

  • Let’s open the task manager again and close all the applications that are not useful for you at that moment.
  • Then switch to the “Startup” tab.
  • In this tab, you will see applications that launch automatically as soon as the computer is turned on.
  • Disable unnecessary apps between these apps.
  • In this way, you will not only increase FPS but also increase computer performance considerably.

Empty the Desktop

We are here with another method that sounds very simple. If you say what Valorant has to do with desktop, your desktop operating system is connected to the C disk and the files there occupy a certain place in the Ram. The desktop for him should remain quite simply. Let’s list what you need to do.

  • Remove unnecessary files on the desktop.
  • Put your necessary shortcuts there by opening a file.
  • Do not keep large files on the desktop.
  • Finally, make your desktop color, that is, your background, a solid color.
  • Our recommendation is to use a black background, so the performance of the computer will not occupy the desktop.

Valorant FPS Boost 2021 Method, Focus Assist

Focus assist, a new feature for Windows 10 operating systems, makes it faster for you to use the alt + tab shortcut.

However, it allows you to compromise your performance for this. Since we want to increase the FPS, we must turn this setting off. Enter the setting that appears when you type it as Focus from the Windows search section and click the “Off” option.


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