Valorant confirms a new ranking system for Act 2


The objective is for the match to reflect the player’s skill in a crystalline way, so they have decided to undertake changes. Valorant, the free-to-play shooter from Riot Games, is preparing for the premiere of Act 2, a new phase in which new storylines will be cleared, but also some base changes in the game.

One of the systems that will be modified is that of ranks in the competitive mode, as announced by the study itself on the official website of the video game.

“After an act,” write the website. “The most important thing for your rank of act will be the 9 highest level victories of the act”, as well as the number of victories “that you have managed to add to it”. This means that if the highest rank that a player manages to achieve is the Diamond, if he then drops to Gold the rank “will reflect the successes of the past”. The idea is that the match of each player in competitive mode is linked to skill. “We want to build a competitive system that encourages growth and with which you do not lose interest,” they point out.


All changes in ranges

  • Your pairing range will continue to accurately reflect your current ranking.
  • We are going to introduce the “act ranges”, which will be in charge of registering the “demonstrated skill” (this concept is new), the highest level victory you have achieved and the number of victories in the competitive mode that you have signed up for. throughout the act.
  • When an act comes to an end, you will retain an act rank emblem on the player card for competitive games (and on your trajectory).
  • Your “proven prowess” will be your ninth highest-ranking win of the act, as it shows that you are capable of consistently winning at that level.
  • The highest ranked victory in the act is, as the name suggests, the highest level victory you have achieved in the entire act (right at the tip of the triangle).
  • The act range edge is an edge that evolves according to the number of competitive victories that you have signed up for in the current act.
  • In addition, you can consult information about previous ranges of act in the trajectory tab.
  • Valorant is available exclusively for PC, although Riot Games has worked with prototypes for the console, although it has not yet decided whether to launch it on other systems.
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