Valorant: check the news of the new episode of the game


Episode 2, Act I of Valorant started on January 12 and brought a lot of news, including a new Japanese agent called Yoru, a skin pack called Rebirth, Battle Pass and updates on ranked matches.

New Agent

Yoru is the new duelist agent for the game. It uses numerous tools to reposition or create distractions. A native of Japan, he actually cracks to infiltrate enemy lines without being seen, using artifices, like a grenade that mimics the echo of the sound of footsteps, among others.

With Yoru, you will be able to sneak across the map causing chaos and getting killed, leaving your enemies not knowing what happened.

Skin Pack

The new skin pack was created to include several of the community’s favorite skins. “We always get a lot of messages on social media from people who started playing Valorant after such skins have been released, and they always talk about how they keep checking the store all day to be able to buy the skin they want,” says producer Preeti Khanolkar .

The package will include 5 different skins, so players will have the opportunity to have different items and themes for each weapon when purchasing a package.

Battle Pass

The Episode 2 Battle Pass, Act I has 1,000 VP (Valorant Points) and 12 weapon skins and 1 Confrontation skin, key chains for weapons, cards, sprays and titles. Players will be able to collect their rewards until March 1st. Some available items include:

Infinite Phantom + 3 variants;
Classic Infinito + 3 variants;
Saleiro Weapon Keychain;
Spray Operator;
Spray Choosing My Gun;
Among others


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