Valorant Ato 2: meet new battle pass, character, skin


Valorant, the free PC shooter from Riot Games, will soon receive its Act 2. The second episode features the new Glitchpop skin line, the Killjoy character, a new battle pass and the Free-for-All Deathmatch mode . Most of the news will arrive on the server starting this Tuesday (4), but the all-against-all mode will be added in beta on August 5th. See, in the next lines, everything about Valorant’s second act.

New Agent

Killjoy is the new member of the Valorant cast. The German heroine will be added to the game as one of the novelties of the second act of the fps. Riot Games announced the agent through an exclusive trailer, which also showed her looks and skills. She is able to arm an automatic sentry to target enemies, deal damage with a silent grenade, detect opponents and apply a slow effect to the enemy team if it does not destroy its ultimate.

Glitchpop Skins

In addition to the knife, Frenzy, Judge, Bulldog and Odin gain new skins in Valorant’s Act II. The visuals in question are the newly announced Glitchpop line, which takes the cyberpunk theme to the universe of Valorant.

The armaments receive vibrant colors and new animations, as a hologram effect when eliminating an opponent. Skins are a little cheaper than the Ancifogo line: the unit costs 2,175 Valorant Points (R $ 59,90), the complete package is available for 8,700 Valorant Points (R $ 299.90) and the knife costs 4,350 Valorant Points ( R $ 149.90). The novelty comes to the servers on Tuesday, August 4.

In Act II, the battle pass will also be renewed with new skins, cosmetics and Radianite Points (used to enhance the effects of weapon looks). The pass will be available in the game for 1,000 Valorant Points (R $ 29.90). Not all the rewards, such as key chains and player cards, have been revealed yet, but it is already confirmed that the knife, Vandal, Classic, Bucky and Guardian weapons will receive new looks.

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While the classic pistol and Bucky shotgun are colored orange, the knife and Vandal are highlighted in purple. The Guardian rifle receives a skin with shades of white, orange and gray and that resembles a work of art.


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