Valorant: Astra shows his skills in a new trailer


The new agent will be incorporated soon, but at MeriStation we have already been able to test it in depth.

Astra is the new agent for Valorant, the competitive shooter from Riot Games. This new character, of which we already offered you our first impressions in MeriStation, comes from Ghana and has the ability to project his body on a different plane of existence, allowing him to observe the entire map in a general way. Of course, she in those moments she becomes vulnerable. Be that as it may, the character has been the protagonist of the most recent trailer, which you can see below these lines.

According to game designer Jordan Anton, when designing Astra they wanted to “create a controller-type agent who always had the entire map in mind.” In his words, her global presence was part of the planning from the beginning. From that moment on, the balancing process went through equipping her with “the right skills” to “balance the possibility of predicting the enemy’s actions”, not to forget the possible reactions to circumstances “that significantly alter the game.”

New Battle Pass

In addition to the addition of Astra as an agent, Riot Games will offer a new battle pass, outlined to accompany the beginning of the episode. This time the theme will be animal, although it will also offer different graffiti, cards and skins for weapons.

Valorant was recently updated to version 2.03 with a completely new mode, Arms Race. When starting a game, the game generates a group of 12 weapons and abilities, which must be shared between the two teams. As is usual, players start the game with a low-lethal weapon, which improves depending on what happens on the battlefield.

Valorant is available exclusively for PC, at the moment without hints of a possible version for console. If you want to find out about all the changes in version 2.03, we recommend you take a look at this link.


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