Valkyrie Elysium Is The New Game In The Saga For PS4, PS5 And PC: First Details And Trailer


Valkyrie Elysium: Square Enix has announced the title during the State of Play, a JRPG that will go on sale this year. The world is on the verge of collapse. That is the premise from which the story of this new sequel to the legendary Japanese role-playing saga starts. Square Enix has made the development of Valkyrie Elysium official during the State of Play and has announced that it will go on sale in 2022 for PS4, PS5 and PC (via Steam). They define it as an action RPG with an epic story, beautiful settings and “frantic combat”, which implements the special attack systems so characteristic of the saga. All these have been shown in the trailer that we show you in the head of the news.

The truth is that the name of Valkyrie Elysium had already appeared previously, as Square Enix registered the brand long ago. The video game turns Norse mythology on its head and stars a Valkyrie, who has been entrusted by the Supreme God with the salvation of the world. She will have to face “numerous enemies” and use weapons and magic to prevent the advent of Ragnarok. It features a soundtrack by Motoi Sakuraba and character design by Yuya Nagai.

PS5 sells more than 17 million units

The first years of the new generation consoles are not being easy. The demand is huge, but neither Microsoft nor Sony have been able to satisfy the purchasing interest of the players and it does not seem that the situation will change in the coming months. Everything is due to the crisis of semiconductors, an essential material for the manufacture of this type of electronic device. However, little by little, sales continue to advance and PlayStation has already managed to ship 17.3 million units.

These figures account for the consoles sold until December 31, since it is the period that covers the third quarter of fiscal year 2021. In total, it adds 3.9 million more units compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, PS4 continues unstoppable and has already become the second most successful Sony console in history, with 116.8 million units. The machine positioned in first place is still PS2 (155 million consoles sold).

The truth is that the crisis situation has forced Sony to correct forecast data downwards. The Japanese firm had estimated that by the end of March it would be able to place 22.6 million consoles in customers’ homes, but it has finally established that it will be 19.3 million units.