Valkyria Revolution, Free PS4 Game on PS Store; Compatible With PS5


Valkyria Revolution: You can find the full version of Valkyria Revolution, compatible with PS5, in the PS Store for free for PS4. You can also add their free DLC.Valkyria Revolution, one of the installments of the long-running franchise, is available for free on the PlayStation Store. The PS4 version is compatible with PS5, so adding it to your library will link it to your account at no additional cost. No details have been released on whether it has a redemption limit.

You can download it through this link. Along with the complete game, you have at your disposal an assortment of additional content that accompanies it completely free of charge. They add new combat scenarios, skins for the protagonists, items and more. You can find them in the list below:

Bundle Pack: The Princess and the Valkyria

Special Bundle Pack: Vanargard

Special Bundle Pack: The Circle of Five

Special Bundle Pack: Maxim and Remembrance

Special Issue: Rush Bolt +

Special Issue: Burn Field +

Special Issue: Ring Squall +

Special Issue: Shine Calibur +

Special Issue: Smash Blaze +

Special Issue: Jumping Wind +

Special Issue: Veteran Pouch +

Special Issue: Gravity 10+

Special Issue: Ragnite Shards

Special Issue: Spinning Squall +

The Ring of Contract

The Formation of Vanargand

Valkyria Revolution, the spin off of “one of the most beloved games in history”

With those words we began the conclusions of his analysis. Valkyria Revolution obtained in this house a rating of 7 out of 10, where we said that “it has a great story, but it is difficult to sell it because the video sequences are too numerous, slow and static”, among other elements that do not finish taking off, such as combat or characters.

“It is an artificially lengthened game with repetition of phases, which can be repetitive or satisfactory, depending on the player,” we said. We ended by underlining that it conveyed the need to have “a few more months of development to correctly implement the changes suggested by the players and bring out their full potential”. You can read the full text here.


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