Valkyrae Confirms that she will avoid “AAVE language” after using the Phrase live


YouTube streamer Rachel “Valkyra” Hofstetter has promised to avoid using the AAVE language after stream modifiers and viewers expressed concern about the phrase the 30-year-old woman used live.

Valkyrae is one of the most popular YouTube streamers, regularly broadcasting many headlines to thousands of viewers.

She also often confirms her love for what she does, stating recently that she plans to continue streaming when she turns 80.

Now, after a live broadcast on October 13, she has promised to avoid using the language of African American Spoken English (AAVE) after some viewers and mod disagreed with the phrase she used.

Valkyrae apologizes to YouTube audience for using AAVE language

Discussing the topic, she explained that she didn’t think people of color should use AAVE, and that after hearing friends use a certain phrase, she thought it was “cute” and so started using it too.

Although she did not utter the phrase in question, various Redditors commented that it was “in the stack without restriction” that was used while playing Valorant from Riot Games.

“That was what I heard from my friends,” she explained. “I thought it was cute, rhyming and all that. Actually it was brought to my attention by mods and I just wanted to clarify, now I know. My mod sent me a wonderful document on this issue. So I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m in the loop now, and I’m sorry if I offended anyone, I really wasn’t going to do that. But now I know.”

Time stamp: 8:12

In conclusion, she explained that, in her opinion, it was invented by generation Z, but this is a “misconception.” As a result, she will no longer use this phrase.

Some suggested that the apology was unnecessary, but many other viewers praised Valkyra for her comments and self—reflection, suggesting that the ability to listen to feedback and change behavior is a practice that more and more people on the Internet should try to emulate.


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