Validated Season 2: Rohff Is Driving Unternet Users Crazy In This Scene!


Validated: The appearance of rapper Rohff, in season 2 of “Validated”, is the talk of Internet users. Explanations in this article.

Season 2 of “Validated” is finally available on Canal +. But if there is one scene that gets people talking, it’s the one with Rohff. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!


If you have watched season 2 of “Validated”, you surely loved the passage with Rohff. Indeed, the latter confronts Bosh, in a war of the gangs.

In this streak, Bosh seems desperate to take down his rival. As far as Rohff is concerned, he seems ready to receive that final bullet. As proof, he even recites the chahâda. This is the most important profession of faith in Islam and it must be made before death.

Don’t count on us to tell you how this clash ended. Still, Internet users were very disturbed by this scene. They did not hesitate to give their opinion, in tweet, on the social network to the blue bird.

“Rohff, what a serious king! “Rohff, whether in real life or on screen, he always commands respect!”, “This scene in ‘Validate 2’ is the best. She is too stylish! Rohff, the acting was a perfect! », Rohff and Mounir are the two guys who save season 2 of this series! », We can read.

Among internet users, we also recognize the singer’s fans. “The face to face Rohff / Bosh, incredible, in” Validated “!!! Those who know Rohff’s discography have necessarily had flashes of full of his sounds in front of this scene! One of them said. Many then joined him to quote a few words. MCE TV tells you more about season 2 of “Validated”.


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