Validated Season 2: Rohff Changed His Famous Face-To-Face With Bosh!


Validated: In a new interview, Franck Gastambide reveals behind the scenes of the scene between Rohff and Bosh in the second season of Validé.

To the delight of rap fans, Rohff appears in season 2 of Validé. The one who plays his own role would then have modified the scenario of his confrontation with Karnage, the rapper played by Bosh.


On the occasion of the release of the second season of Validé, Franck Gastambide has therefore granted a new exclusive interview. This time, the very famous French director is therefore facing Mehdi Maïzi in a new episode of the Code.

Without much surprise, the two men then mentioned the presence of Rohff in the series. The Padre made a remarkable and remarkable appearance there!

Facing the journalist, the creator of the mini series Kaïra Shopping then makes a huge revelation about the pillar of French rap… He rewrote one of the scenes!

Yes, you did hear it. It is therefore about his muscular confrontation with Karnage, the feared rapper, played by Bosh.

In it, the artist from Yvelines threatens Rohff with a weapon. The latter then began to pray in Arabic before inciting his opponent to shoot.

“I told him: ‘Here is the text,’ explains Franck Gastambie. And he said to me: Yeah, it’s not bad Franck, but I’ll add some stuff ‘. ”

“For example, there is the moment when he [prays], it wasn’t me who had the idea,” says the 42-year-old actor and producer. It’s his idea and something happens when he does. ”

In the commentary space of the interview, Internet users seem to be unanimous. The presence of Roh2f in Validé is a real blessing!

“Season 2 is better than season 1,” says a fan. Between the incredible scene of Bosh and Rohff, the surprise of the Drill sound in Skyrock, the nuggets with Saïd Taghmaoui… ”


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