Valiant’S BOOK OF SHADOWS Gets Official Trailer for Launch


As the upcoming release of Shadowman’s epic Book of Shadows approaches, Valiant has unveiled an exclusive trailer for the upcoming comic. Book of Shadows will be Valiant’s latest crossover, bringing together the supernatural forces of the comic book publishing universe. Combining the most effective defenders of the universe, the Book of Shadows will gather the Shadow Man, Doctor Mirage, Punk Mambo, Eternal Warrior and Persephone into a single large collection of minds.

As is often the case in such team events, a common enemy must unite these different influential forces. The common enemy in this case is a threat to the universe that owns the Book of Shadows. Apart from small teasers like those in previous press releases, little is known about the plot of The Book of Shadows, apart from all the valiant heroes it unites, and little is known about the art of the series. Until now, i.e.

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The Book of Shadows #1 by Cullen Bunn and Vicente Cifuentes will appear in local comic book stores and digital stores from July 27, 2022. However, before that, readers can watch the premiere trailer of the latest Valiant event below on Youtube. Despite the fact that the trailer is brief, it shows absolutely chilling images, which may well be a promising limited series as a whole. In addition, the trailer teases a rare glass cover that some lucky people will be able to buy after its release in July.

This mini-series event already promises to be Valiant’s most exciting and ambitious event, which the publisher has recently joined. Valiant usually succeeds when it comes to organizing similar events for the whole company. Old-school readers remember previous events, such as the corresponding Valiant Unity and Chaos Effect events. Both had classic characters like X-O Manowar and Solar, and both took place in the 90s.

These events are fondly remembered as defining a memorable era in the history of Valiant. Given the characters involved, the stakes at the forefront of the story and, of course, the huge talent involved in her creative team, The Book of Shadows could have the same impact. In recent memory, characters such as Shadowman and company. they have retained the same recognition and popularity (if not more) as the previous generations of valiant heroes of the Solar era, so there is no doubt that the “Book of Shadows” can become a must-see event of the summer.