Valheim wins first preview of the next update


Iron Gate published, this Friday (17), a preview of what will be the next update of Valheim. The new video game fever will soon have the “Lareira e Lar” package, which promises to fix bugs and increase crafting tools.

In a text published on Steam’s blog, the developer took the opportunity to reveal that the game has sold more than 6 million copies. The incredible number was reached in just six weeks.

The company explained that because of the pandemic, the developers are all working from home. “It’s been a busy period, but don’t worry! Of course, we are still working on the game ”, he stressed. To incite curiosity in fans, a teaser image of the next update was revealed. See below:

In the Steam blog post, Iron Gate also said that it is impressed with Valheim’s success and that everything has crossed barriers. The directors of the studios are even participating in interviews and have been featured on even a television program in Sweden.

Despite the divided attention, the company did not fail to emphasize that it is working to deliver the update Lareira e Lar as soon as possible. “Our programmers, since launch, have been working hard on high-priority bugs and network problems, which have been reported by players,” he said.

Valheim is available for PC only, for now. So, what did you think of the teaser? Do you have any guesses as to what the image might be? Tell us in the comments section below!


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