Valheim: update fixes bugs and makes bosses more difficult


Despite being a relatively simple game and made by a small group of people, Valheim has become one of Steam’s best-selling titles in recent weeks. The game that mixes a bit of Nordic legends, survival and construction has won millions of fans, but it is still far from being a well balanced game.

The truth is that it didn’t take long for his players to find several bugs, some of them harmless and others very serious. The worst of them comes to resetting all your progress so that you can’t reverse the problem and you have to start all over again.

Apparently, this bug occurred when a player left the game and pressed the ALT and F4 keys at the same time. Fortunately, the developers at Iron Gate Studio released an update this week to address the situation and this bug should no longer happen.

But in addition to fixing so many bugs, the development team also thought it would be interesting to spice up the game’s bosses. Many already considered them quite challenging, but the Iron Gate Studio folks made it clear from the notes in the new patch that enemies were being defeated much faster than they expected.

So, from now on, bosses like Bonemass, Moder and Yagluth will be more difficult to kill. Of course, this will not prove to be a major obstacle for players who have already spent dozens of hours exploring the world of Valheim.

If you want to check all the details of the patch, just check the official game page on Steam. Also don’t forget to comment on what you think of the changes and if you are enjoying the game!


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