Valheim: tier list of weapons; which are the best


We tell you the tier list of weapons available in Valheim, which are the best and how to get them. Make your own sheets and survive another day.

Valheim may be the next survival phenomenon. Their numbers point to this: more than 1 million copies have been sold on Steam during its first weeks on the market, even in early access. Players have received the news positively, who have exceeded 360,000 attendees on the platform. Data reflecting the strength of the title edited by Coffee Stain Publising.

What should you keep in mind during your first games in Valheim? First of all, weapons. Without knowing how they are made and which ones are useful, you will barely survive encounters as the first boss. We review the best ones and what resources you need to make them.

Tier S: the best of Valheim

Stagbreaker: 20 woods in essence | 5 deer trophies | 2 leather scraps

The Stagbreaker is the best melee weapon you can use in relation to its crafting requirements. Although it has a low attack speed, it makes up for it with high damage values. It is not recommended if you like to evade and attack quickly. You will unlock the recipe after finding your first wooden planks.

Abyssal Razor: 4 quality woods | 20 chitins | 2 leather scraps

We are facing the best knife in the game. Despite its low damage, what is really interesting about this blade is its ability to multiply the damage per stab. Deal 10 times more damage when you hit an enemy that did not notice you. If you manage to craft troll armor, the stealth bonus will go up even more.

Crude Bow: 10 wood | 8 leather scraps

The basic bow isn’t the best weapon in the game overall, but it is for the first few hours. Before you fight the first boss, the Crude Bow will help you clear the weakest enemies without taking risks. For very few resources you have a feasible weapon for that initial section.

Other recommendations:

Abyssal Harpoon: 8 quality woods | 30 chitins | 3 leather scraps

Dragr fang: 10 ancient barks | 20 silver | 2 deer skins | 10 Guck

Frostner: 10 Ancient Crusts | 30 silver | 5 meats of Ymir | 5 frozen glands

Porcupine: 5 quality woods | 20 irons | 5 needles | 10 linen threads

Tier A

Blackmetal Ax: 6 quality woods | 20 dark metals | 5 linen threads

Dark metal axes can get you out of a lot of trouble if you manage to find a Dark Forest. Given his stats, the bonus per parry is multiplied by 3, allowing you to be forceful when countering hits. Unfortunately, as with the Stagbreaker, movement is penalized; in this case, 10%.

Hunstman Bow: 10 quality woods | 20 irons | 10 pens | 2 deer skins

You may save the 20 iron ingots for other more important items. If you find yourself at a point where you have too many, this weapon will help you if you continue to focus on attacking from a distance. It is located halfway between the Draugr fang and the Crude Bow.

Tier B

You may find them useful, although the ideal is to focus resources on the previous ones. We show you several weapons that fall into this category.

Blackmetal Atgeir: 10 quality wood | 30 dark metals | 5 linen threads

Blackmetal Knife: 4 quality woods | 10 dark metals | 5 linen threads

Blackmetal Sword: 2 quality woods | 20 dark metals | 5 linen threads

Battle Ax

Iron sword

Finewood Bow


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