Valheim reaches 500,000 simultaneous players


The title of Iron Gate does not stop growing and begins to open a niche in the Spanish-speaking community. Valheim is the first big phenomenon of 2021.

Valheim continues to break records. Iron Gate’s open-world survival multiplayer video game, currently in early access and with just five people in development, has risen to over 500,000 concurrent users connected on Steam. The data, which allows the game to fight on the podium of the most played titles on the Valve platform, has broken four new records.

With those 502,387 concurrent users, according to the SteamDB database, the records of works such as Terraria, Fallout 4, Life is Strange 2 and Among Us are surpassed, whose best data is between 438,000 and 486,000 players in their best time . Valheim is, in this way, the fifth title with the highest volume of connected players on Steam of all time.

Valheim, available in early access from February 2

If last week we talked about 390,000 players and 2 million copies, now there are more than 3 million units sold in seventeen days and a user concurrency ceiling that reaches half a million connected players. The record was reached during the night of February 21, Sunday, specifically at 9:00 p.m., which has led us to start wondering if it will reach the 830,000 simultaneous players that Cyberpunk 2077 reached back in December.

There is another element to consider in this record, and that is that the Spanish-speaking community is beginning to play the title; Valheim is no longer just a phenomenon in North America and Germany, where it started to stand out in the first place. Users like Alexelcapo, with 768,000 followers on Twitch, has started broadcasting games with nearly 100,000 accumulated views, and these elements somehow affect the so-called snowball effect, where other users are dragged to play what they see from their favorite content creators.

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Valheim is available only on PC under Early Access. The study now seeks to expand its human capital based on new members and sufficient support to supply this phenomenon that no one saw coming. With 96% positive reviews on Steam, we are not only facing a successful video game, but a title that is enjoying a lot.


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