Valheim: Players move resources unusually at sea


Instead of creating bridges and using the means offered by the game to transport goods, Valheim players are improvising rafts and climbing them with carts to transport their resources. Citing the meme “Improvise, adapt, overcome” (Improvise, adapt, overcome), users on Reddit share their achievements to cross the seas of the game.

It is worth mentioning the tip present in a comment on the game’s SubReddit, it may be worth watching the videos below with this background music.

The user Mrpenguiny shared a video showing that it is possible to use a small raft to navigate with some materials by doing something.

The user LostYugen, in the subreddit of Valheim, showed that it is also possible to use the harpoon to connect a cart on a boat and make the crossing.

Despite the improvisations, some players comment on the problems that can be faced by choosing this way of navigating. One of the main cons mentioned is in the storms, with the boat rocking a lot the chances of losing the cargo are great.

In addition, there is another great danger of entrusting your goods to a vessel like this. Valheim has a sea serpent that chases sailors and is capable of destroying any boat. However, it is limited to the ocean, whoever wants to navigate the shallow waters of the map must be safe at least from this monster.

Other than that, the game was not created with this type of transport in mind, so some glitches can also happen. Still, users like LobsterKris (pictured below) continue to risk an unsafe offshore adventure.

This is not the first unusual improvisation that we see Valheim players sharing. We have also seen the game’s harpoon being used as a catapult tool to launch the characters away, a flight practically.

As a feature of the game itself, it is possible to enjoy the gameplay in different ways. Below, for example, you see a roller coaster with a boat.

Inspired by the purgatory of the Viking culture, Valheim allows up to 10 players and its main objective is salvation through the support of the god Odin. The game is published by Caffee Stain Publishing, developed by the Iron Gate studio and has been available for PC since February 2nd.