Valheim: Players fly across the map


Valheim, the newest Viking survival game, allows players to use harpoons and ramps to shoot each other across the map. Recently, we saw several videos appear on Reddit with characters making huge leaps around the scene just for fun. The unusual technique does not necessarily give a competitive advantage, since in most cases the player is harmed by the fall or even the trip.

Another interesting point is the title chosen for most of the videos, they are entering a series of videos with the description of “Valheim Space Program”, in reference to serious programs of space exploration.

Since the beginning of the game, this technique has been used, but now there are some variations that make it even more efficient.

The technique is a little strange, but it has worked. With the help of a second player, it is necessary to stay connected through the harpoon provided in the game. Then, whoever is to be launched must stay behind a door, something that gives control of the launch. Once you’re ready, just press the “E” key to open the door and fly. But before that, something optional, players can build a ramp to direct the launch upwards.

Other than that, it is important to analyze where the landing will take place. It is best to land in the water, even if it is shallow, as landing on land will lead to death.

But there are still other possible variations, it depends on the creativity of the group playing. This group of friends from the video below decided to make a different launch, launched one of them on fire across the map. The curious thing is that even on fire the game displayed the message “You are freezing”, indicating that the player needed to warm up.

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Released on February 2 for PC only, Valheim is published by Coffee Stain Publishing and developed by the Iron Gate studio. The game is inspired by the purgatory of the Viking culture, allows up to 10 players, and has as main objective the salvation through the support of the god Odin.


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