Valheim: Players discover underwater building


Reddit user AcanthisittaAny3260 found that it is possible to build even with the character underwater in Valheim. Sharing a video, he explains that any possible action out of the water can be performed from within, as long as the character is with his feet on the ground.

To make a construction on the seabed, he explains that it is possible to use tiles with an inclination of 26º or 45º. Swimming under these tiles it is possible to reach the bottom and start to build what the player finds interesting. It also indicates that the resistance bar also begins to be filled after this technique is applied, which guarantees enough time to create.

With this, it can end up being an interesting way to create bridges and other types of crossings in the Viking game. Anyway, builders who dare this technique need to be aware, this is because the camera can hover over the water and make it difficult to see what is being built.

Building underwater from valheim

Even if it doesn’t apply in all cases, it is interesting to see players discovering ways to take advantage of Valheim. Recently, we saw that it is possible to find a way to transport resources across the sea. By placing a cart on a small raft, instead of building a bridge, the crossing can be much more exciting. And it is worth remembering that they are also using the harpoon to go further and practically fly across the map, which is more fun than practical.

Valheim arrived on February 2 for PC only. The game is inspired by the purgatory of the Viking culture and its main objective is salvation through the support of the god Odin. Developed by the Iron Gate studio and published by Coffee Stain, the game can be played on up to 10 players and is available on Steam.


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