Valheim: Players Create Colossal Toboggan For Rafts

Valheim: Recently a Valheim player was successful on the internet when he publicized a type of toboggan for rafts built within the game. In a video, Reddit user Okayshima shows how the group of players used a mountain to support construction.

Luge de Jangada was the name used by the creator. This title refers to the sport with sledges, common in the winter Olympics. Image: Reddit / ReproductionImage: Reddit / Reproduction

Luge de Jangada na Montanha was the name used by Okayshima to describe the practice. This title refers to the sport with sledges, common in the winter Olympics.

The game is already known for its construction possibilities, but in the case of the raft toboggan, what draws attention are details such as the large signs marking the beginning and end of the track. The route also has a ring-shaped obstacle called the “Moder drop”.

When seeing a colossal construction within a game, it is common for some players to associate this with a modified server, but this is not the case with the toboggan run in the mountains of Valheim. According to Eurogamer, the group used debug mode only on a separate server to develop the project, but the final construction was carried out on a common game server.

The result of the descent can be unpredictable: at 30 seconds of video, for example, there is a 360 degree turn, which was described as “a surprise” by the player. “It is possible that the raft turns in the air or just gets stuck,” he said.

In his publication, Okayshima said he was not sure how many hours were dedicated to the construction. “We started collecting wood in our tree planting and construction about two weeks ago. Most of it was done by one person on weekends, but with the help of others in certain stages, like in the big ring”, he described the player.

In another video published on YouTube, the player shows a before and after construction. From the viewpoints of Okayshima, it is possible to see the complexity and size of the construction, passing through parts such as: dining area, starting area, curve, stone tower, Moder drop, the nest (passage with dragon eggs) and the bottom of the track.

Valheim continues as a game that gives wings to the creativity of its players. This was not the first time that players surprised in the game and it probably won’t be the last.



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