Valheim: players build Lord of the Rings and WoW bases


New images and videos posted on social media are showing that Valheim players have found an alternative way to occupy their time, instead of dedicating hours to exploration and combat. Thanks to the game’s construction functionality, the Vikings are building impressive bases in the best Minecraft style and with many references to pop culture.

Steam’s latest success has come with a plethora of features and functions that enable the player to explore all their creativity in the game. Among the novelties, the creation of bases stands out, which offers a variation of combinations with wood, metal and stone to lift buildings of all sizes and dimensions, in order to receive more comfort and luxury the server colleagues and spend a time making fun of the crowd.

One of the videos that caught the attention of the fans was the creation of the Goldshire inn, of World of Warcraft, made by the redditor ToddGeorgeKelly. As you can see below, every detail of the establishment was done to perfection, including textures, rooms, furniture and more.


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