Valheim Player Builds Spiral Lighthouse


Since its release last year, Valheim has only added updates to its sandbox aimed at increasing the number of construction options. Thanks to the construction mechanics of the game, players spent this time demonstrating their skills, dedicating themselves to other franchises and creating unique buildings. In the latest display of a player getting the most out of Walheim, one player created an impressive spiral beacon.

Valheim takes players to the mythical Viking world inhabited by aggressive creatures and animals. In the survival sandbox game, players can manipulate the world around them and create bases where they can safely store supplies, farm, craft, and sleep.

This creation is created by u/BleachedAndSalty and stands on a hill inside their base. In the four photos they share, the first thing players should notice is how well the base is organized. In addition, the section shown in the photos leads up the hill and to a stone platform on which stands a large spiral lighthouse. The structure itself begins with six stacked layers of stone walls laid out in a circle. This base is surrounded by numerous rows of main wooden beams, which are also angled to surround the structure. They rise up, forming the second part of the lighthouse, creating a spiral view. At the very top is a platform with fire that will help u/BleachedAndSalty return from the dangerous oceans of Walheim.

my new creation Spiral Lighthouse from valheim

This build really pushes the boundaries of the vanilla game when it comes to the height of the structure. Walheim requires all builds to be structurally sound, and this player had to take full advantage of the game in order for this build to become a reality. This includes a heavy reliance on wooden iron, one of the strongest supports in the game. Although they don’t show the interior, viewers can be sure that there is a sophisticated support system inside.

Adding constraints to Valheim’s construction mechanics ensures that it remains challenging. At its core, this game requires players to earn their promotion. This is true when it comes to collecting new ore for each biome, not being able to transport said ore through portals, and having to collect items where the player last died. The challenge is part of the fun of the game.

Of course, not all players will like this feature, especially those who dream of a particularly impressive build, but one that structural stability will not allow. In any case, this player showed his talents when creating a vanilla version of Walheim with this creation.

Valheim is already available on PC.