Valheim Patch renews mechanics for terrain modification


Valheim has built up a good player base, its developers are focusing efforts on improving the experience and fixing bugs before actually delivering any new content to the game. The proof of this came in the most recent patch of the title, in which the terrain modification mechanics were improved.

Previously, moving the game’s terrain a lot could cause a lot of lag and make the loading screens heavier. This would become a real nightmare if you wanted to build a beautiful base, with the entire area modified and fill it with your friends’ characters.

The good news is that the changes should solve this and make everything more fluid for the players. The best part is that the developers at Iron Gate Studios even mentioned that, despite being a big change, we will not notice anything but a more optimized experience.

This means that it is not necessary to do anything different, since after applying this update to your copy of Valheim, you will be able to continue using the pick and hoe normally and the new mechanics will already be working on their own. Other than that, some annoying bugs were also fixed, as you can see below:

Fixed Draugr’s spawner location to prevent them from appearing inside the rocks

Pet Lox sound effect has been fixed

Torches in locations should no longer support buildings

Stone size of Dolmen’s location has been fixed

World loading adjustments (to correct problems with ships and buildings being damaged during loading)

Stop downloading the server list when exiting the start menu (to decrease network bandwidth usage)

Decrease in the amount of stone needed to raise the land using the hoe

As you can see, these are small adjustments, but they should bring some interesting improvements to the game. This is especially true for the amount of stone used to raise the land, something that was quite expensive in the past. And you, also liked these changes of Valheim? Comment below!


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