Valheim: patch makes auto-save more frequent


Valheim, Viking survival game, has just received a patch small in size but that fixes several important points of the game. One of them is automatic saving, previously activated only every 30 minutes and now active every 20 minutes.

The update brings several items barely noticeable to players, such as removing the integration with the Google Analytics tool within the game and even updating the Unity graphics engine. There are also changes that have no impact on performance or gameplay, such as updating credits.

Despite this, it is possible that players notice some improvements, since there are fixes related to visible bugs and also with the way the game handles when a loaded world comes to “crash”.


All changes made with Patch 1.145.6:

Disables Google Analytics
Updates Unity graphics engine
Fixes bugs in forest crypts
Updates credits
Changes rescue system to the previous one
Corrects synchronization of “Pickables” items (stones, carrots, etc.)
Corrects use of dedicated server CPU (frame rate limiter)
Fix the smoke from the fireplace
Saves system settings
The “save” function of the console can now be used remotely if the player is added to the list of administrators
It is now possible to automatically save every 20 minutes (instead of 30 minutes)
Manual join IP function (dedicated servers only)
Extra tombstone checks (to prevent them from disappearing)
Improves the way the game deals with “crashed” worlds (leaves instead of carrying an empty world)
Fixes translation-related issues

Valheim is developed by Iron Gate, published by Coffee Stain Publishing and was released on February 2 for PC only. The game allows up to 10 players, is inspired by the purgatory of the Viking culture and has as main objective the salvation gaining support from the god Odin.

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