Valheim No Switch? Apex Legends will enjoy


Valheim is the hit of the moment, with several players eyeing the world created by the production team at Iron Gate AB. Many eagerly await a version for their preferred platform, and depending on the Panic Button, it could happen on the Switch.

For those who do not remember, Panic Button was responsible for the version of Apex Legends for the latest Nintendo console, and according to an interview with the Nintendo Life website, the team would love to work on a port of the sensation of the moment.

“I’m not sure if this is my“ choose any game ”, but at the moment they are playing a lot of Valheim and I would love to make this port for Switch”, commented Dan Hernberg, production director at Panic Button.

It is worth remembering that so far nothing has been announced in this sense, but as hope is the last to die, who knows the title might end up showing up on the Switch one day?


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