Valheim: new peak with more than 360,000 players


Iron Gate’s title ranks as one of the four video games with the most connected players on Steam for February. One million units sold.

Valheim does not stop growing. Iron Gate’s open-world survival multiplayer video game has reached a peak of 364,629 players connected at the same time last night on Steam, on the night of Sunday through Monday, with some moments ranking as the third most played video game on the platform. Valve; only behind Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2.

The game, set in the Viking age and early access, is set to be the new phenomenon, the new trend, of these first bars of 2021. First it was Rust with Egoland, but Valheim is the new name with which we must become familiar . So far, more than 34.54 million hours played are counted on Steam (according to the SteamCharts database.

Valheim is still in development; fails to take off on platforms like Twitch

During the peak of gamers last night, 105,047 viewers were watching matches of the game in their homes (via SteamDB), still far from the great titans of the purple platform; mainly because the bulk of highly successful content creators are currently focused on streaming other titles such as Rust, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V or Call of Duty: Warzone, to name just a few of the pitfalls that Valheim faces on the platform of streaming from Amazon.

In any case, Valheim is already in position 14 on Twitch and has 9.4 million hours seen, with percentages in positive digits every week and an upward trend that remains to be seen how far it will go.

Velheim is a video game that is being liked, however; or at least that’s what the reviews of users who have purchased the early Access version say, since it is a title in development: it is not finalized. 95.88% of the reviews made by verified buyers on Steam consider their assessment to be positive (over 38,335 opinions)

At the moment, it is unknown what the final release date of version 1.0 is and if it will eventually reach consoles, but there is a certainty – as well as some merit – along the way: Valheim is being developed by just five people. and has already sold more than 1,000,000 units.


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