Valheim: New Mod Allows The Creation of Boats The Size of Ships


Valheim: The user Sarcen created a new mod for Valheim that allows you to increase the size of the boat and personalize it with numerous attachments, bringing inspirations in the survival game Raft.

With ValheimRaft, players will be able to pull over the standard Valheim boats to build their own vessels, now in considerably larger sizes than the original and with numerous customization possibilities. According to the description of the mod, the construction of the ship is done over a wooden floor similar to a raft, which serves as a basis for the installation of any accessory available in the options catalog.

The sky is the limit and the modification of the boat allows you to even stack innumerable statues, candles, ceilings and other structures, always reaching maximum speed and gliding smoothly through the waters. Thus, ValheimRaft serves as an alternative not only for those who want to innovate in navigation, but also for those looking to build a floating house to receive friends, set up meetings and test various architectural ideas. Check out the video below, courtesy of Euro Gamer.

The mod is available for free download on NexusMods, and there you can also find the complete description, as well as the installation step by step and the necessary requirements to run it on your PC.

What did you think of this news? Do you want to test it in your campaign? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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