Valheim: how to start playing, where to download


Valheim is the new internet sensation. Learn how to start playing, where to download it, its price on Steam and the first steps of this survival.

Valheim is the new sensation of the moment. Another of the fashionable survivals shares popularity with Ark: Survival Evolved, which has the push of Arkadia, the mega-server of Willyrex and co. But what game are we dealing with? What exactly is Valheim? Learn how to start playing, its editions, price and more.

How to play Valheim

Like any self-respecting multiplayer survival game, sharing the experience with friends is the real sauce. Valheim allows you to embark with up to 10 people in the same game; By diversifying roles and having a greater workforce, you will have a better chance of seeing the next sunrise.

Simply select the play option from the main menu, which will take you to the world generation screen. From there you can create your own world, both in singleplayer format and shared among the rest of the community. You can change the generation of the world through an alphanumeric key, of which more details will be shared as new ones are discovered.

In any case, when you are ready, hit the start button and the game will automatically take you to your starting point. You have to take into account several elements: progress, first objective and penalties. As you perform actions around the world, such as jumping, cutting trees or blocking with your shield, you will obtain skill points with which to improve the behavior of your alter ego.

If you die, which you will rarely do, you lose an indeterminate number of skill points. You will also have to run to where you perished last time to get back the equipment you had, as is usual in the genre. Your first objective will be to fight against Eikthyrnir, a mythological deer that you will have to summon. Don’t try to skip steps, that is, upgrade your character, get supplies, and feel ready to fight an enemy above the basics.


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