Valheim: how to install mods and which ones are the best


We tell you how to install mods in Valheim and which ones are the best to enjoy the best possible experience in the most popular survival of the moment.

Valheim is the sensation of the moment. Iron Gate’s survival has exceeded record numbers during its first month on the market. Part of the community has wondered what happens to mods, changes made by users that alter the game. Although Iron Gate has not officially supported being in early access, there are several creations that can be accessed at the moment.

How to install mods in Valheim

To install mods in Valheim it is as simple as locating the path where you have the game installed. Follow the steps below:

Enter your Steam library and right-click on Valheim.

Hover over Manage and click View local files.

A folder will appear where the game files are located.

Depending on the mod you must add it in one place or another in the folder, so we recommend that you follow the author’s instructions. To uninstall them and get the game back as before, follow the same steps, but instead of clicking on See local files, do it in Properties. Select the third tab, Local Files, and click Check file integrity.

In most cases you just have to replace the game files with the mod files. In any case, we repeat it again: take into account the author’s guide before making changes.


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