Valheim: Eliminates Greydwarf’s infinite firing trick


Valheim fans received some good and bad news. The good thing is that the game got a big update with several improvements in the gameplay, and the bad thing is that, in the process, the developer Iron Gate Studio removed a very appealing trick that allowed to farm stones and endless wood at the expense of Greydwarf.

With the arrival of patch 0.148.6 on Steam, their bonfires and any fires started to take damage to the same extent that they cause damage, which prevents them from burning the greydwarf at the same rate that it used to, putting an end to in the trick.

For happier news, this update now makes boss drops float in the water, and battle axes can now hit multiple enemies in just one hit. The heavier the armor you wear, the less recoil impact your character will suffer when hit.

Several rebalancing and quality of life improvements were also applied, with better detection of bad internet connections and improvements in location. What did you think of this patch? Are you sad about the end of Greydwarf’s fires? Comment below!


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