Valheim daydreams: 4 million units sold


The title of Iron Gate continues to grow and celebrates another milestone in its first available month. Valheim continues in Early Access, it can be purchased on Steam.
Valheim continues to be willing to make history. Iron Gate, the small team of just five people in charge of the project, currently in early access, has announced that the video game has exceeded 4 million units sold worldwide since its premiere on February 2; one more milestone that adds to the records that he does not stop breaking every week.

Valheim goes from 2 million to 4 million players in nine days

The title of survival and exploration in a Viking world embraces the epic and, not content with reaching a peak of 500,000 concurrent players on the night of February 21 – fifth best historical data on Steam, Valve’s digital platform -, Now we know that their positive reviews rank Valve as one of the 250 highest rated video games in the store’s history; specifically the number 57. We are talking about more than 81,000 “extremely positive” reviews, a reflection that the game is not only being successful in sales, but that its fans are enjoying it a lot.

The trend is constantly upward. Every weekend, the days where more concurrent players are reported on platforms such as Steam, the maximum number of players in the game to date has been beaten; and the trend is that there is still room for improvement. If just six days ago we knew that there were 3 million units shipped and those records were achieved; with a million more it is very possible that this weekend we will have new maximum data in terms of simultaneity of active players. On February 16, 2 million players were reported, so in just nine days sales have doubled.

At the time of writing, Valheim is in second place on Steam, behind only Counter-Strike: Global Offensive; but its 283,332 players allow it to be ahead of DOTA 2. There are already more than 103 million hours played among all its users.

Valheim is in development, currently in early access, priced at € 16.79 on Steam. The Swedish studio is now looking to expand its assets in order to move forward with more speed in development and support a community of more than half a million users on weekends. How far this phenomenon will go is something we do not know; his name is already part of the history of the video game in 2021. From MeriStation we explain how to install mods and which ones are the best.


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