Valheim: creativity surprises from gamers


The world of Valheim offers many possibilities for players, and they are playing their part in exploring all the resources present in this vast universe. Proof of this is the work of a Reddit user known as CartronMat, who decided to build a stone house for his character.

The recording shared by the user on the forum shows a small crack in the top of a rock and some stairs that lead to a fully habitable area, with a bed, table, area to prepare food and some other elements that would certainly be enough for someone who lived in the period when the game is set to survive.

Construction process

In case you are curious to know how he got this result, he used a pick to create the hole in the side of the stone where it was until its base, and then climbed up opening all the space that is seen in the video. Then he ended up planting grass around it to make it look like it used to be.

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