Valheim Celebrates First Anniversary With New Content Teaser


Valheim completed yesterday, February 2nd, its first birthday. And the developers at Iron Gate seem pretty excited about the achievements the game has already achieved and the ones it still intends to achieve – including the arrival of new content that is already being prepared.

To celebrate Valheim’s birthday, its creators released a new post on the game’s official Steam page offering a teaser of its next update, which will be called Mountain. They also commented on some content that is being prepared for even later, as part of an expansion that will be called Mistlands.

“Today, February 2nd, marks a full year since Valheim was first released. And what an amazing year! We could never have imagined that Valheim would grow as much as it has, and it’s all thanks to you players and players. Let’s celebrate. throughout the month of February and we have some fun things planned for you.” – say the devs in the post.

The images used in the highlight of this post and shown above are screenshots for the Mountain update, which will arrive first. Mistlands is still a little further away from reality, but its creators say they have already defined what the artistic concept will look like and what kind of biomes they want to explore with the novelty. They’ve shared the concept art below to give players a sense of where they intend to take Valheim in this upcoming update.