Valheim: battleship on real scales is built by player


A Valheim player shared screenshots of an incredible recreation of the USS Iowa (BB-61), a warship retired in the early 1990s by the US Navy, on its social media.

Using real scales, the redditor wjdql64334 was able to raise the battleship with all its main details, including cannons, belt and armor deck, gigantic sensory antennas and aircraft landing strips. Due to the limitations of material resources and textures of Valheim, it was not possible to add an iron “skin” that covered the entire structure, but the feat is still impressive even with the use of wooden logs.

Check below the screenshots shared by the player.

(Fonte: wkdql6434 - Reddit / Reprodução)

In the last few weeks, with the repercussions of some colossal recreations in the game, Valheim producers commented that support for the creative mode will be continued in the next updates, so everything indicates that soon more options of colors and materials may show up in the title, further expanding the possibilities of construction.

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