Valheim Announces 1st Major Update for Mid-September


Valheim: Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate Studio announced this Wednesday (25), during Gamescom 2021, that the Hearth & Home expansion will arrive in Valheim on September 16th. This will be the 1st major update the game will receive.

In addition to the date the content will arrive, a cinematic trailer was released today showing a bit of the Hearth & Home look. The video follows the “lone journey of a fearless Viking who single-handedly killed the mighty Moder and is now traveling home. Upon arrival, a lavish feast awaits in a large room, giving fans a cinematic preview of one of the themes of the new Heart & Home update: Food!” reads the official synopsis.

According to the developers, the game update focuses on improving the survivability and construction mechanics of the main base. In addition, Hearth & Home aims to give Vikings even more tools to create the hut.

Previously, it was already revealed that the content will bring new kitchen extensions to introduce spices, butcher tables, pots and pans. The power system has been redesigned and from September 16th it will offer options with an improved health and endurance system.

Hearth & Home will also feature a treasure cave with new building pieces, including the literal treasure chest for the Vikings to store their conquered gold. Completely new window hatches and dark wood materials were also previously revealed. The game also got an amazing animated cinematic trailer, which you can check out below:

Launched on Steam Early Access in February this year, Valheim peaked at over 500,000 simultaneous players. The game is available for R$ 37.99 on Steam for PC and Linux.


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