Valheim: all console commands, cheats


We tell you how to open the command console and all the cheats available in Valheim for single player and multiplayer, the survival that is all the rage on Steam.

Valheim continues to be successful. In just a couple of weeks it has crossed the barrier of 2 million copies, a milestone that translates into constant support from users: 390,000 concurrent players is the peak it achieved during this period. Having reviewed the best weapons and seeds, today we will focus on the cheats available.

Valheim: How to Activate the Command Console

To enter the codes that give access to Valheim cheats, you need to understand how to activate the command console. To do this, follow these steps:

Fire up the game and enter your game.

Once you can control the character, press the F5 key.

The console will open. Type iamacheater and hit enter. In this way, all the tricks that you enter in it will be activated.

What kind of tricks are we talking about? From improving the character’s progress to traveling to certain locations, to the possibility of killing all the enemies in the game, among other codes.

Valheim: Single and Multiplayer Cheat List

As we said, after completing the steps, open the command console again and then write any of the tricks that we leave you below this paragraph. If you want to disable them, type iamacheater again.

god → Invulnerable mode is activated.

freefly → Activate the free camera.

ffsmooth 0 → Restart the camera movements.

ffsmooth 1 → Add movements to the camera.

tame → You can tame all the animals around you.

killall → Kill all nearby enemies.

exploremap → Reveal the playable map in full.

resetmap → The opposite of the previous one: it is hidden again.

pos → Shows the coordinates of the player.

goto [x, z] → Put the coordinates where you want to teleport.

event [name] → Starts a named event.

stopevent → For the current event.

randomevent → Starts a random event.

raiseskill [skill] [amount] → Increase a specific skill from 1 to 100. In the brackets select which one you want to raise and in what way.

resetcharacter → Reset all progress of your character.

dpsdebug → You can enable or disable damage per second.

save → Force the game to save game.

players [nr] → Adjust the difficulty scale.

removedrops → Remove all equipment items in the play area.

As administrator of a multiplayer server

help → All commands available as administrator appear.

kick [player] → Kick the player of your choice.

ban [player] → Ban the player of your choice for good.

unban [player] → You remove the entry restriction for a sent off player.

ping → The connection data regarding latency is displayed.

Iodbias → You can choose the drawing distance of the server between 1 and 5.

info → Your system information appears.


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