Valheim: A New Patch Reduces The Aggressiveness Of Monsters


Valheim: The survival game increased the power of monsters a few days ago, but complaints from users have prompted the studio to change the settings. Valheim is one of the fashionable video games; It arrived last February and quickly established itself as a true mass phenomenon. Like any title that is in early access, the responsible studio does not stop implementing changes and one of them increased the hostility of the monsters. However, user complaints have prompted Iron Gate to release a new update that reduces its aggressiveness.

One of the problems was not the fact that the creatures were more ferocious, but a bug that caused them to completely ignore the players and go about launching their attacks on their buildings. Luckily for everyone, the studio has been tame to work and the new patch, which is now available, reduces its aggressiveness and corrects the artificial intelligence of all the monsters.

Valheim: a phenomenon at a record pace

The title of Viking-themed survival and open world was to arrive and kiss the saint: just a few days after his arrival we told you that he managed to exceed one million users, a figure that grew at a devilish speed until reaching, last month March, the 6 million players. The game is still in early access and its responsible studio, Iron Gate, continues to refine the product and expand its content.

Valheim: Complete Guide
Are you having trouble surviving in the hostile world of Valheim? Like any survival game, the beginnings can be a bit tough for new players, so we recommend you take a look at our complete guide. We offer you some pieces that you should not lose sight of.


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