Valhalla: Netflix Releases First Viking Spinoff Images


This Monday (07) Netflix released the first images of the Valhalla series, a production derived from the acclaimed History Channel production, Vikings.

The backstage of the spinoff was shared during Geeked Week, which is a daily virtual event promoted by Netflix to promote the main news of the streaming platform.

Valhalla will be set 100 after the feats achieved by Ragnar and his sons in the Vikings series. The streaming platform has already confirmed the presence of historical people in Valhalla, such as Harald Hardrada, son of Sigurd according to Norse tales and king of Norway between 1046 and 1066, as well as William I of England, a distant relative of Rollo, famous brother of Rangnar, Freydís Eiríksdóttir and Leif Erikson, known as the first European to reach North America and, more specifically, the region that would become Canada today.

The new Netflix series is being written and directed by Jeb Stuart of classics Duro de Matar and Leviathan. Michael Hisrt, screenwriter for Vikings, is in charge of executive production.

Netflix has yet to release an official release date for Valhalla.


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