Valéria: 2nd Season Wins Trailer and Release Date; Check Out!


Valéria: Spanish comedy series Valéria has just been given a new trailer and season 2 premiere date on Netflix: August 13, 2021. The story tells the journey of the title character, who is having problems in her marital and professional life. In the plot, writer Valéria, played by Diana Gómez, from La Casa de Papel, has the support of her three best friends.

The Netflix series is based on the novels of Elisabet Benavent, a writer born in Valencia, Spain, with more than 50 books published and famous for the series that explores the life of the character that gives its name to the series. Valeria seeks to finish her book while venturing into a new romance after a frustrated marriage.

As the episodes take place in Spain, the series is a great opportunity to travel without leaving home and even to learn a little Spanish.

Watch the second season trailer:

The cast of the Valéria series also includes actresses Silma López, Paula Malia and Teresa Riott and is an adaptation of the books created by María López Castaño.

What to expect from Valeria’s 2nd season

The second season of Valéria brings the title character and her friends pressured to build a career before 30. Between adventures, many dinners in the best Sex And The City style and girly jokes, Valéria seeks to finally finish her book and find herself in love.

The season must work with questions about what is really necessary to unite a couple: is only sex enough or is something more necessary? And when is the time to make a more serious commitment?

Valeria’s return to town and Victor’s reappearance will bring a series of new events that should be explored in 8 episodes filled with conversations about sex, romance and even a dance number.

Don’t forget: Valeria’s second season premieres August 13 on Netflix.

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