VAIO Z, this is the lightweight 3D printed laptop


Perhaps the world of computers is experiencing one of its most interesting moments. Each company does its bit to innovate in one way or another, trying to make the aesthetic-performance binomial the most optimal. And this they have achieved at VAIO with a new 3D printed Z model.

A computer with a carbon fiber printed shell

Having a good computer does not always mean that it has the latest generation chips. Everyone has their needs and if the terminal receives good care it can last for years. But accidents happen and components degrade, so sooner or later it’s time to change the device. The best thing is that when it plays there are many new features to take advantage of.

And with this vision we find VAIO, a Japanese company that years ago made Sony laptops. The company has made progress on its own and has reached a point where its Z series will have a new construction: 3D printed carbon fiber. Yes, the firm has decided to build a computer with a printed chassis that is made up of three parts: the base, the palm rest and keyboard area, and the lid. The rest are electronic components that are housed inside.

And here we have to take a look at its 14-inch LCD screen in 4K format. Two USB C Thunderbolt 4 ports with an HDMI input are housed on the sides. On the other hand, before going into the ins and outs of the mounting plate, there is a backlit keyboard that does not have numerical expansion but does have a good armrest. Finally, the fold-out of the lid raises the device to make it more comfortable when writing with a small incline.

And now yes, inside the VAIO Z we have an Intel Core i7-11375H processor with a variable configuration in RAM with 16 or 32 GB in addition to 512 or 2 TB respectively filled in. It also has a battery life of up to 10 hours, although the firm says it can last up to 7 more hours. All this may seem like it will weigh a lot, but the best thing is that it has little to envy the LG Gram with its 1.04 kg of weight.

Drop tests passed

The VAIO Z is not only packed with power, but also safe from falls. Thanks to its construction and to the carbon fiber it can fall without receiving damage. At least that is how the firm shows it in this video that we leave you, where the effect it makes when falling seems incredible. Of course, it will not be cheap at all since it costs between $ 3,579 and $ 4,179.


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