‘Vaccine from Brazil’: China allows names for CoronaVac


To combat the population’s rejection of CoronaVac, according to a column in the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper, the government of China endorsed the government of São Paulo to call it “Brazil’s vaccine” or “Butantan vaccine”, if that is the case. has the potential to facilitate the acceptance of the immunizer by the Brazilian public. João Doria already uses the second expression and avoids public references directly related to the Asian country.

A survey conducted by the Datafolha institute, conducted by telephone between December 8 and 10, with 2,016 adult Brazilians in all regions and states of Brazil, revealed that most say they prefer a vaccine of North American origin (86%), English (85%) or Russian (71%), half of whom said they would not get a vaccine of Chinese origin. However, these were not the only findings of the survey.

Still according to the institute, 22% do not intend to be vaccinated, while 73% said they will participate in the immunization and another 5% do not know. In August, only 9% declared they had no intention of being immunized.

Misinformation and expectations

With more than 186,000 official deaths related to the new coronavirus as of Monday (21) and 7.2 million infections, Brazil has recorded the highest moving average of cases of the pandemic in recent days.

Misinformation about vaccines in development is another problem faced by the country, disseminated, even by the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, who, questioning possible side effects of substances, said in an event held last Thursday (17) in Bahia: “There in the Pfizer contract, it’s very clear: ‘We (Pfizer) are not responsible for any side effects’. If you become an alligator, it’s your problem.”

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“If you become Superman, if a beard is born in a woman there or a man starts to speak thin, they (Pfizer) have nothing to do with it. And, what is worse, tamper with people’s immune systems”, he added the authority. None of the statements is scientifically based.

As for CoronaVac, the expectation is that the request for emergency use will be sent to Anvisa by Butatan this Wednesday (23). The start of application of the 3.12 million units already accumulated is scheduled for January 25, according to Governor João Doria.


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